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September 2018

Partnership Opportunities

The bispecifics market is expected to grow to 5.8b USD by 2024*
The potential is evident. 

Are you front of mind when biopharma companies look externally for assistance
in the development of bispecifics?

The 8th Annual World Bispecific Summit will bring together key decision makers from industry-leading pharma and biotech companies in the bispecifics space, who are actively seeking collaborators to overcome challenges in developing the next generation of bispecific therapeutics.

This meeting will provide a unique opportunity to showcase your expertise and solutions to our senior audience within both established and emerging bispecific companies. Cement your position at the core of an industry that is set for meteoric growth over the next 5 years.

1. Showcase Your Solution

Speak alongside the leading biopharma organizations in the bispecific space with a slot on the main agenda. This will enable you to showcase your innovative products and solutions and demonstrate how they can add value to the drug development process.

2. Engage Directly With The Industry Leaders

Unlike large trade shows, this niche meeting will enable you to engage directly with the pioneering pharma and biotech companies over the course of 3 networking-packed days.

3. Shape The Debate

Raise your profile, share your experiences and position yourself as the go-to solution provider in this rapidly evolving space

Get Involved!

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