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14th World Bispecific Summit

Bispecific Antibody Treatments Take the Spotlight as Effective Alternatives to Cell Therapy

This past year has witnessed a surge of these treatments moving into the clinical stage, gaining regulatory nods, and broadening their uses to the treatment of multiple myeloma, (R/R) diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and (R/R) follicular lymphoma, adding to the ever-growing list of applications.

Empowering you to drive your pipeline from initial discovery to IND approval more efficiently and effectively, join us at the 14th annual World Bispecific Summit with an enriched program addressing toxicity, patient selection, combination, characterization and regulatory challenges.

Renowned organizations such as Sanofi, Regeneron, FDA, Alligator Biosciences, and Amgen will explore in-depth topics including novel target selection, immune cell modulators, and pre-clinical/clinical results, giving you a well-rounded view of the exciting bispecific landscape.

Providing you with comprehensive insight into the key elements of bispecific design, as well as how to harness data and biomarkers to guide clinical strategy, this summit will equip you to design and develop the next generation of bispecific antibody treatments more efficiently and effectively.

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“Focused on topics that matter. Top speakers. The best conference in the field in my opinion.”

"An excellent opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the bispecific antibody field."
Boehringer Ingelheim

"Great speakers, great networking, and stimulating discussions!"

"Informative and energizing opportunity to hear about the latest advances in bispecific antibodies from the leaders in the field"

"Engaging science and a variety of strong presentations and discussions highlighting innovative approaches that are being implemented and tested in the rapidly developing field of bispecific"
Eli Lilly & Co.

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