What's New?

Since the first World Bispecific Summit 11 years ago, the bispecific space has continued to grow at an ever-increasing rate. Therefore, we at World Bispecifics are dedicated to bringing you fresh insights and discussion year-on-year.

So, what is new to 2020?


30+ new speakers, including:

John Delaney
  • John Delaney Executive Director, Research Amgen Inc. Hear John review BiTE® molecules and how they mediate an anti-tumor response via proximity
Nina Veitonmaki
  • Niina Veitonmaki, Director, In-Vivo Immune-Oncology & Head of in Vivo-Core from Molecular Partners AG. Niina will showcase the novel therapeutic design of tumor-targeted CD40 agonistic DARPin® molecule, leading to antitumor activity with limited systemic toxicity
Mohamed Elmeliegy
  • Mohamed Elmeliegy, Associate Director, Clinical Pharmacology from Pfizer. Catch Mohammed’s session on the industry’s perspective on CD3 bispecifics starting doses & efficacious dose projections

Renewed insights within discovery & preclinical development:

  • Abbvie showcase an improved disulfide-reinforced single linker DVD-Ig bispecific format
  • Amgen evaluate strategies for targeting solid and hematologic cancers using Bispecific T-Cell Engager (BiTE®) Molecules
  • Sanofi examine the development of biotherapeutics based on novel trispecific antibody technology


Fresh clinical content revealing results and data:

  • MacroGenics evaluate selection and format optimization of bispecific molecules for a simultaneous blockade of PD-1and LAG-3 (MGD013) versus PD-1 and CTLA4 (MGD019)
  • Incyte explore strategies to overcome on-target off-tumor toxicities
  • Genentech present PKPD & translational aspects of bispecific antibodies for cancer immunotherapy


NEW WORSKHOP during CD3 Focus Day: The Process of CMO Selection for Bispecific Antibody Development: Matching Capabilities to Need by Steven M. Chamow President Chamow & Associates Inc.


Stronger CMC track:

  • Sound Biologics introduce their unique platform for making bifunctional antibody product MabPair Technology
  • Roche review how developability assessment & the digital world are interconnected
  • Xencor share how to streamline the development of next-generation of bispecific


Find out what else we have across the 3-day program in our full event guide.