Who Attends

Who Attends the Bispecific Forum?

Seize this opportunity to engage and network with the experts pioneering the multispecifics field

As the only event to focus exclusively on bi- & multispecifics, the 13th World Bispecific Summit is able to offer a greater breadth and depth of technical content than any other conference.

This niche focus also means that you can be sure all the attendees you’ll meet are facing similar challenges to you, enabling you to engage with you in relevant and constructive conversations.

Interactive sessions built into the main agenda provide extensive opportunities for cross-functional collaboration. This meeting will enable you to benchmark your progress and critically evaluate your bi- and multi-specific development approach.

Leave with clear and actionable insights that will significantly enhance your bispecific development.

Who Will You Meet?

13th World Multispecifics Summit Attending Companies Image
13th World Multispecifics Summit Audience Breakdown

*Statistics based on World Bispecific 2021