Partnership Opportunities

Are you front-of-mind when biopharma organizations consider external support for their development of bispecific?


Bispecific approaches continue to develop as significant and commercially advantageous therapeutic alternatives, a movement demonstrated evidently by current investments in this field by companies like Sanofi, Takeda and Gilead.

The virtual World Bispecific Summit will unite senior decision-makers from pioneering pharma and biotech organizations, who are actively pursuing partnerships to overcome challenges with developing the next generation of bispecific therapeutics.

This exclusively dedicated meeting will offer you the unique opportunity to showcase your expertise and solutions to our thriving audience of pharma and biotech organizations committed to recognizing the true capability of bispecific.

Centering on the discovery, preclinical, translational, clinical and CMC challenges faced with the development of bispecific; this meeting is the perfect platform to ensure you’re at the forefront where strategic long-term decisions are made.

Take action today to stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of the variety of opportunities on offer. Email to find out more.