Virtual Pre-Conference Focus Day


CD3 Bispecific Focus Day

8:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

9:00 am Learning from Successful & Failed Bispecific Biologics

  • Rakesh Dixit President & Chief Executive Officer, Bionavigen


• Overcome challenges to selection of target pairs & effector functions
• Discover novel bispecific platforms, including T cell, NK cell and TCR based bispecifics
• Assess efficacy and safety of CD3 based Biologics
• Analyse learnings from Her2-Biparatopic and Bispecific ADCs

9:30 am Panel Discussion: Contrasting Bispecific Therapeutics & CAR-T Approaches


• Evaluate off-the-shelf verses personalized therapies
• Understand how contrasting bispecific approaches manage safety for on target off tumor toxicities
• Investigate differences in solid and liquid tumour targeting
• Examine whether discussed therapeutics are to be considered cures or therapies bridging the gap for the next breakthrough?

10:15 am Affimed’s Bispecific Innate Cell Engagers: Activating CD16A for Tumor Cell Killing

  • Joachim Koch Head of Translational Research & Innovation, Affimed GmbH


• Deep dive into Affimed’s ROCK® platform allows development of high affinity Innate Cell Engagers that activate all variants of CD16A
• Learn how innate cell engagers can be designed to target a multitude of tumor antigens
• Examine how clinical data have shown early signs of efficacy and a promising safety profile for Affimed’s lead candidate

10:45 am
Morning Refreshments & Speed Networking

11:15 am Key Considerations for Drug Disposition Strategies for Bispecific Antibodies

11:45 am An Industry Perspective on CD3 Bispecifics Starting Doses & Efficacious Dose Projections


• Strategies for selection of starting doses to balance patient safety and minimize patient’s exposure to subtherapeutic doses
• Approaches for predicting efficacious doses
• Challenges and opportunities for defining optimal biological doses for CD3 bispecifics

12:15 pm Discovering the Balance Between Safety & Efficacy


  • Utilizing the Adimab anti-CD3 panel to create stability among efficacy and safety
  • Presenting the combination of Bispecifics with a panel of tumor associated antigen (TAA) antibodies to allow for investigation of the correct CD3 affinity for a given indication
  • Showcasing two case studies that explore the effect CD3 antibody affinity on T cell activation

12:45 pm

1:45 pm TriTACs Are T-cell Engaging Drugs for Treatment of Solid Tumors

  • Rick Austin Senior Director, Harpoon Therapeutics Inc.


  • Understand how TriTAC molecules contain three antibody domains: An anti-CD3 domain to bind to T cells, an anti-target domain to bind antigens on tumors cells, and an anti-albumin domain to provide half-life extension
  • Why do TriTAC molecules have potent directed T cell killing activity in vitro and in vivo?
  • Deep dive into HPN424; A TriTAC molecule targeting PSMA, is being tested in a Phase I clinical trial
  • Study HPN536, a MSLN targeting TriTAC, in development

2:15 pm 5 Discovery & Optimization of T-cell Bispecifics for the Treatment of Solid Tumors

  • Adam Root Senior Principal Scientist, Pfizer


• Evaluate how T-cell engaging antibodies require extensive discovery and optimization
• Epitope, affinities and format can influence potency and safety of these molecules
• Learn how to get this right early on in the program
• Review of a multi-dimensional bispecific discovery platform for a T cell bispecific for the treatment of colorectal cancer

2:45 pm T-cell Enhancers for Focused CD137/4-1BB Co-Stimulation in the Tumour Microenvironment

  • James Legg Senior Vice President - Research Research & Development, Crescendo Biologics


  • Deep dive into CB307, a is a novel half -life extended bispecific Humabody VH targeting CD137 (4-1BB) and prostate specific membrane antigen (PSMA)
  •  Illustrate the identification, mechanism of action and preclinical characterisation of CB307
  • Review CB307 and how it’s advancing rapidly towards clinical development and IND enabling data will be described

3:15 pm
5 Afternoon Break & Networking

3:45 pm Panel Discussion: Evaluating the Criteria Essential to Success in the Increasingly Competitive CD3 Bispecific Field


  • Discuss CD3 targeting approaches whilst sharing experiences in overcoming key challenges
  • Gain insights and perspectives from stakeholders at a range of different stages of development in the field
  • Benchmark your progress against a variety of companies and organizations

4:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

4:45 pm Close of CD3 Focus Day