Virtual Pre-Conference Focus Day


*All times Eastern Daylight Time*

CD3 Bispecific Focus Day

8:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

9:00 am Learning from Successful & Failed Bispecific Biologics

  • Rakesh Dixit President & Chief Executive Officer, Bionavigen


• Overcome challenges to selection of target pairs & effector functions
• Discover novel bispecific platforms, including T cell, NK cell and TCR based bispecifics
• Assess efficacy and safety of CD3 based Biologics
• Analyse learnings from Her2-Biparatopic and Bispecific ADCs

9:25 am Panel Discussion: Contrasting Bispecific Therapeutics & CAR-T Approaches


• Evaluate off-the-shelf verses personalized therapies
• Understand how contrasting bispecific approaches manage safety for on target off tumor toxicities
• Investigate differences in solid and liquid tumour targeting
• Examine whether discussed therapeutics are to be considered cures or therapies bridging the gap for the next breakthrough?

10:10 am
Morning Break & Virtual Speed Networking

11:05 am Panel Discussion: Evaluating the Criteria Essential to Success in the Increasingly Competitive CD3 Bispecific Field


  • Discuss CD3 targeting approaches whilst sharing experiences in overcoming key challenges
  • Gain insights and perspectives from stakeholders at a range of different stages of development in the field
  • Benchmark your progress against a variety of companies and organizations

11:50 am An Industry Perspective on CD3 Bispecifics Starting Doses & Efficacious Dose Projections


• Strategies for selection of starting doses to balance patient safety and minimize patient’s exposure to subtherapeutic doses
• Approaches for predicting efficacious doses
• Challenges and opportunities for defining optimal biological doses for CD3 bispecifics

12:15 pm Discovering the Balance Between Safety & Efficacy


  • Utilizing the Adimab anti-CD3 panel to create stability among efficacy and safety
  • Presenting the combination of Bispecifics with a panel of tumor associated antigen (TAA) antibodies to allow for investigation of the correct CD3 affinity for a given indication
  • Showcasing two case studies that explore the effect CD3 antibody affinity on T cell activation

12:35 pm
Lunch & Virtual Networking

1:35 pm TriTACs Are T-cell Engaging Drugs for Treatment of Solid Tumors

  • Rick Austin Senior Director, Harpoon Therapeutics Inc.


  • Understand how TriTAC molecules contain three antibody domains: An anti-CD3 domain to bind to T cells, an anti-target domain to bind antigens on tumors cells, and an anti-albumin domain to provide half-life extension
  • Why do TriTAC molecules have potent directed T cell killing activity in vitro and in vivo?
  • Deep dive into HPN424; A TriTAC molecule targeting PSMA, is being tested in a Phase I clinical trial
  • Study HPN536, a MSLN targeting TriTAC, in development

1:55 pm Discovery & Optimization of T-cell Bispecifics for the Treatment of Solid Tumors


• Evaluate how T-cell engaging antibodies require extensive discovery and optimization
• Epitope, affinities and format can influence potency and safety of these molecules
• Learn how to get this right early on in the program
• Review of a multi-dimensional bispecific discovery platform for a T cell bispecific for the treatment of colorectal cancer

2:20 pm
Afternoon Break & Virtual Speed Networking

3:15 pm Workshop – The Process of CMO Selection for Bispecific Antibody Development: Matching Capabilities to Need


Steven Chamow will examine the best methods necessary to select the relevant CMDO for Bispecific Antibody Development. CMO’s have expertise, and capabilities should be evaluated carefully.
By attending this workshop, you will learn:
• How to match ability to requirement
• Override challenge with client company and project
• Overcome constraints
• The importance of the match
• To understand the considerations for candidate CMOs
• The scope of work, including: development, GMP production and timing of pre-IND meeting and IND
• How a CMO can design a production process and provide high quality product
• To meet regulatory requirements in enough quantity

4:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

4:45 pm Close of CD3 Focus Day