Pre-Conference Focus Day

Developing Safe and Efficacious Cell Engagers

Wednesday, September 29
*All times Eastern Daylight Time*

10:30 am Virtual Coffee Networking

11:00 am Open Address from Chair

  • Oren Bogin Chief Executive Officer , Immunorizon


11:10 am ABBV-184: A Novel Survivin-Specific T Cell Receptor/CD3 Bispecific Therapeutic For Treatment Of Both Solid Tumor And Hematological Malignancies


  • Intracellular proteins which comprise the majority of the proteome, have been difficult to target therapeutically
  • Unlike antibodies which target cell surface proteins, T cell receptors can recognize intracellular proteins presented as peptides in the context of MHC
  • ABBV-184, a Survivin-specific T cell receptor formatted as a soluble CD3 bispecific, demonstrates potent redirected T cell cytotoxicity against both solid and hematological tumor cell lines

11:40 am Preclinical Evaluation Of Murine BCMA x CD3 Bispecific Immunotherapy In Vk*MYC Multiple Myeloma


  • Fully immunocompetent preclinical models permit studies of the biology of BCMA-targeted T cells in the context of proper tumor microenvironment
  • Elucidation of biological challenges during single agent therapy
  • Evaluation of combination therapy, including cyclophosphamide and immunomodulatory drugs, towards fine-tuning activation vs. exhaustion of T cells, relieving tumor burden, and mitigating an immunosuppressive TME, to enhance durable anti-MM efficacy

12:10 pm Chair Led Q&A

12:20 pm Break & Virtual Speed Networking


1:00 pm TriKE Directed Cell Serial Killing Of Tumor Cells


  • Integrated CD16 and IL-15 in TriKE drives NK cell ADCC activation for enhanced serial killing of cancer cellsm nk proliferation and NK cell persistence
  • TriKE minimizes toxicities such as CRS resulting from hyperactivation of T-cells
  • TriKE therapeutics can be used to treat solid tumors and hameotological cancers

1:30 pm Remodeling Tumor Macrophages With CD47-Targeted Bispecific Antibodies

  • Walter Ferlin Chief Scientific Officer , Light Chain Bioscience – Novimmune SA


  • Addressing a ubiquitous target with bispecifc Abs
  • Modulating tumor immune microenvironment by targeted CD47 blockade
  • NI-1801, a Phase I ready CD47xMesothelin biAb for solid cancer

2:00 pm Chair Led Q&A


2:10 pm Enhancing Efficacy and Safety of 4-1BB Agonism with PRS-343, a Tumor-Targeted Bispecific

  • Markus Zettl Director Immunooncology , Pieris Pharmaceuticals


  • PRS-343 is the first bispecific to enter the clinic which is engineered to specifically activate 4-1BB in the tumor microenvironment
  •  PRS-343 demonstrated durable anti-tumor activity in heavily pre-treated patient population across multiple tumor types, including those usually not responsive to immune therapy; novel and non-redundant MoA among HER2-targeting therapies and checkpoint inhibition
  • PRS-343 showed a clear increase in CD8+ T cell numbers in the tumor microenvironment of responders and increases of Soluble 4-1BB demonstrates activity of the 4-1BB arm of the molecule

2:40 pm Chair Led Q&A

  • Markus Zettl Director Immunooncology , Pieris Pharmaceuticals

2:50 pm Closing Remarks from Chair

  • Oren Bogin Chief Executive Officer , Immunorizon

3:00 pm End of Pre-Conference Focus Day