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Returning September 2019
Boston, MA



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Pioneering Novel Bispecific Applications Into The Clinic

Focused completely on the development of bispecifics, the World Bispecific Summit represents a unique opportunity to engage with your peers to discuss strategies to overcome the key challenges holding back progress in the field.

Rather than presenting vague overviews of platforms, this meeting will delve directly into the technical and scientific insights that will enable you to advance your candidate therapeutic into the clinic as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Join the Bispecifics community in Boston and overcome the most pressing industry challenges, allowing you to:

• Learn What It Takes To Succeed In The Clinic
MedImmue’s Rakesh Dixit will share key lessons learned from the clinical progression of the industry pipeline of bispecifics and investigate how to improve future success rates

• Target Solid Tumors Effectively
Understand how oncolytic vectors and the administration of mRNA encoding bispecifics can overcome delivery issues in effectively targeting solid tumors, with insights from BioNTech’s Daniel Hofmann

• Dispel CMC Misconceptions
Zymeworks’ Phil Hammond will share case studies detailing the rapid CMC development of bispecifics and repeatability of production at scales up to 3x2000L, demonstrating that the complexities of bispecific manufacturing should not be a limiting factor to progress

• Combine Checkpoint Pathways Effectively
With a series of checkpoint-targeting bispecifics nearing the clinic, Xencor’s John Desjarlais will investigate the rationale and mechanistic understanding behind checkpoint-targeting, including an innovative triple blockade with a LAG3xCTLA4 bispecific plus PD-1 combination

• Investigate Strategic Business Decision-Making
As the commercial opportunities for bispecifics are starting to be realized, understand how F-Star, Zymeworks and Biomunex are fostering mutually beneficial collaborations with large pharma companies, through a dedicated focus evening

Leave the World Bispecific Summit with clear insights that will dramatically improve the success of your bispecific development.