About the 15th World Bispecific Summit

The 15th World Bispecific Summit has established itself as the key biopharma directed event to gain clear insights into the latest advancements and future directions amongst the mass of bispecific antibodies currently being developed and how to address associated development challenges encountered within this therapeutic modality.

If your research teams are looking to keep ahead of the next wave of bispecific antibodies currently in development, join this event to learn how experts are leveraging pioneering new formats like bispecific ADCs and exciting targets like peptide-HLA complexes whilst managing developability and risk.

Reunite With Your Community To:

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Explore the landscape of novel formats of bispecific drug, including bispecific ADCs, multispecific drugs and new combinatorial approaches for greater efficacy

Tackle the key challenges within the space like exploiting the mismatch of disease and normal healthy tissue whilst reducing off target effects to maximise the therapeutic window

Learn novel approaches for striking success within challenging indications like solid tumors such as using peptide-HLA complexes to penetrate tumors and avidity based approaches within novel designs

Keep ahead of the use of bispecific drugs in autoimmune and inflammatory disease by gaining the latest scientific insights into how these drugs can be used to switch the immune system off for therapeutic success

Discover how to merge together discovery processes, engineering and developability assessment with case studies from discovery to the clinic, accelerating your bispecific pipeline to stay ahead of the 100+ molecules in clinical development

Who Will You Meet?

An audience of the leading minds within bispecific drug development, with a broad range of expertise in bispecific discovery, antibody engineering, clinical development, as well as experts within different disease indications from solid tumors, haematological malignancies and autoimmune disease.

What Your Peers Have to Say

"Informative and energizing opportunity to hear about the latest advances in bispecific antibodies from the leaders in the field"


"I was able to gain cutting-edge insights, including an overview, and had the opportunity to engage with leading researchers"

Daiichi Sankyo