Applied BioMath

Applied BioMath applies biosimulation, including quantitative systems pharmacology, PKPD, bioinformatics, machine learning, clinical pharmacology, and software solutions to provide quantitative and predictive guidance to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to help accelerate and de-risk therapeutic research and development. Their approach employs proprietary algorithms and software to support groups worldwide in decision-making from early research through all phases of clinical trials. The Applied BioMath team leverages their expertise in biology, mathematical modeling and analysis, high-performance computing, and industry experience to help groups better understand their therapeutic, its best-in-class parameters, competitive advantages, patients, and the best path forward into and in the clinic.



Cytiva and Pall Life Sciences have come together to deliver the breadth, depth, and scale researchers and biopharma need to advance future therapeutics—from discovery to delivery. Together, as Cytiva, we supply the tools and support our customers need to work better, faster, and safer, leading to the delivery of transformative medicines to patients. Our combined portfolio includes well-recognized names such as Allegro™, Supor™, iCELLis™, and Kleenpak™, in addition to ÄKTA™, Amersham™, Biacore™, FlexFactory™, HyClone™, MabSelect™, Sefia™, Whatman™, and Xcellerex™. Visit to learn more.



OmniAb’s discovery platform provides pharmaceutical industry partners access to diverse antibody repertoires and high-throughput screening technologies to enable discovery of nextgeneration therapeutics. At the heart of the OmniAb platform is the Biological Intelligence™ (BI) of our proprietary transgenic animals, including OmniRat®, OmniChicken® and OmniMouse® that have been genetically modified to generate antibodies with human sequences to facilitate development of human therapeutic candidates. OmniFlic® (transgenic rat) and Amnicolid® (transgenic chicken) address industry needs for bispecific antibody applications though a common light chain approach, and OmniTaur™ features unique structural attributes of cow antibodies for complex targets.


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BSP Pharmaceuticals

BSP Pharmaceuticals is a CDMO, technologically developed to meet needs of groundbreakers and specialized in manufacturing Oncology and Immunotherapy drug, including autoimmune disease, immunotherapy & CNS among others, with a specific focus on innovative compounds as small and large molecules. With full containment facility, applying the most advanced and safe technologies, BSP can offer a wide range of services for Pre-Clinical, Clinical and Commercial supply in compliance with the highest Quality requirements.



Evitria AG is a Swiss-based global leader in transient expression and purification services of antibodies and proteins. We provide expert guidance in bispecific and multispecific development with HT screening production, optimized purification approaches, and novel technologies to explore. Our fourteen-year history with >130,000 successful protein production runs highlights a rapid and reliable platform, and we are excited to share this with the community in-person at World Bispecifics 2024.



Nona Biosciences is a Boston-based Biotech company specialized in fully human therapeutic antibody technology. Our proprietary Harbour Mice® technology are fully human transgenic mice platforms for either conventional fully human antibody (H2L2) or heavy chain only (HCAb) antibody discovery, engineering, and development. The HCAb platform is fully optimized and clinically validated with global patented protection.



Svar offers a unique combination of scientific expertise, high-quality products, strong services,
and proprietary technology platforms, providing a flexible, effective, and seamless experience
for customers. As experts in cell engineering and advanced cell-based assay development, we
provide the iLite® technology and tailored services, helping clients navigate complex hurdles with
confidence and propelling advancements in their drug development journey.




Founded in 2012 and ISO 9001:2015 certified, Biointron is a CRO specializing in antibody discovery, expression, and optimization for biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Biointron leads in antibody expression services. From gene sequence to purified antibodies, our production only takes 2 weeks. We have delivered antibodies to over 1,500 biotech and pharma companies worldwide. Contact us at +1 (732) 790-8340 |

Creative Biolabs

Technical advancement has always been a focus of Creative Biolabs, which, sustained by seasoned scientists and cutting-edge methodologies, provides technical support for global customers in the academic and industrial sectors with market-pioneering solutions especially for bispecific antibody (BsAb) discovery, covering BsAb antibody design, purification, engineering, analysis, as well as top-tier BsAb products such as appended IgGs, tandem scFv, bispecific IgGs, diabody, and minibody. Featured and exclusive platforms incorporating hybridoma, chemical conjugation, and genetic engineering are the driving force behind the success of assorted projects.

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Cyagen is a global leader in genetically modified rodent models and cell and gene therapy (CGT) R&D. With 17+ years of experience, we provide one-stop solutions for disease model development, AAV discovery, drug efficacy studies, and more. Our "AI+CGT" platform accelerates CGT research, offering diverse KO/cKO mouse strains in our Knockout Catalog Models. We specialize in customized models via CRISPR-Pro, TurboKnockout, and transgenic tech. Our Rare Disease Data Center (RDDC) supports rare disease research with AI-driven bioinformatics tools. Trust Cyagen for cutting-edge gene therapy and drug development research worldwide.


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We are a competitive and research intelligence database solution designed in partnership with pharmaceutical professionals across the world. We work in targeted therapies such as bispecific antibodies
to provide accurate, in-depth, and real-time information in the rapidly evolving landscape of drug development. Find out how we can accelerate your drug development program by visiting our website.