Day Two

Thursday, September 5, 2024

7:00 am Check-In & Breakfast

8:25 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Innovations Within Bispecific Antibodies for Unlocking Success Within Solid Tumors

8:30 am Progressing Co-Stimulatory Bispecific Antibodies for Streamlined Translation into the Clinic & Beyond

  • David DiLillo Senior Director, Immuno-Oncology, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc


  • Delving into Regeneron’s advancing co-stimulatory bispecific pipeline
  • Combinations of co-stimulatory bispecifics to better mimic natural T cell responses
  • Next-gen costimulatory molecules and case studies

9:00 am Zenocutuzumab, a HER2xHER3 Biclonics® Antibody That Can Overcome HER3 Mediated NRG1 Signaling In Tumor Cells By Docking On HER2


  • Uncovering Merus’ bispecific antibody screening platform to identify novel Biclonics and Triclonics antibodies
  • Detection of NRG1 fusions & therapeutic targeting of NRG1 fusion positive patients, a biomarker-driven rare entity (with a significant unmet medical need)
  • Zenocutuzumab shows Robust and Durable Responses in NRG1+ Cancer

9:30 am ImmTACs, a Novel Class of Soluble Bispecifics: What Have We Learned So Far?


  • Overview of the technology & challenges associated with the platform
  • Clinical proof of concept
  • Development of a new ImmTac against PIWIL-1, a novel colorectal cancer target

10:00 am Morning Break

Reinventing Bispecific Drugs for Autoimmune & Inflammatory Diseases

10:30 am Revolutionizing Bispecific Drugs for Autoimmune & Inflammatory Diseases Treatment of Autoantibody-Driven Diseases with Bispecific T Cell Engaging IgM Antibodies

  • Bruce Keyt Chief Scientific Officer, IGM Biosciences


  • Highlighting the unique potential of IgM antibodies for treatment of autoimmune disease
  • Utilizing T cells to drive deep B cell depletion for B cell mediated autoimmune diseases
  • Sharing pipeline updates including the ongoing imvotamab (CD20 x CD3) Phase 1b clinical trials

11:00 am Session Reserved for OmniAB

11:30 am Reinventing Autoimmune Disease & Cancer Treatment by Harnessing NK Cells


  • Validated Flex-NK™ bispecific antibody scaffold for developing next generation of NK cell redirected antibody therapeutics for Autoimmune disease and Cancer
  • CD38 a well differentiated target for B cell mediated autoimmune diseases and the unique mechanism of action of CYT-338 NK cell engaged
  • Cytovia 2.0 emerging pipeline based on NK cell therapy’s for the treatment of autoimmune and cancer indications

12:00 pm Immuno-STATs: a Novel Class of T Cell Engagers for B Cell Depletion in Autoimmune Diseases

  • Anish Suri President and Chief Scientific Officer, Cue Biopharma


  • Immuno-STATs are a new class of TCR-selective engagers for selective modulation of disease-relevant T cells
  • CUE-100 series Immuno-STATs have been clinically validated in oncology, and have demonstrated significant increase in efficacy (ORR and mPFS) vs SoC
  • Here we describe the CUE-500 series, which can re-direct the protective virus-specific T cells (VSTs) to deplete B cells, hence providing unprecedented selectivity for exploiting the killing potential of VSTs, and positions this class of biologics as an attractive alternative for CAR-T approaches

12:30 pm Lunch

Going Beyond The Backbone of T Cell Engagers – A New Generation of Immune Cell Engagers

1:30 pm Moving Beyond Bispecifics with Multivalent T cell Engagers in Solid Tumors

  • Kerry Culm Head of Translational Medicine & Early Development, ModeX Therapeutics


  • ModeX’s multispecific antibody platform technology designed for syngergistic targeting and streamlined manufacturing in a single product
  • The pathway from design, creation, and characterization to the clinic
  • Utilizing information about validated targets and known immune mechanisms to characterize clinical safety and efficacy in patients with advanced solid tumors

2:00 pm Lessons Learnt for Solid Tumor T cell Engagers

2:30 pm A Next Generation T Cell Engager Leveraging a Novel Format

  • Saso Cemerski Executive Director, Head of ImmunoOncology Discovery US, AstraZeneca

3:00 pm Afternoon Break

Going Beyond The Backbone of T Cell Engagers – A New Generation of Immune Cell Engagers

4:00 pm Selectively Activating Subsets of T Cells Present in Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes of Solid Tumors to Promote More Potent Anti-Tumor Activity


  • Uncovering associations between Vβ T cell subsets and diseases, including specific cancers, autoimmune and infectious diseases
  • Outlining the strategy of stimulating only a defined subset of αβ T cells
  • Exploring Marengo’s pipeline of novel TCEs for both hot and cold tumors

4:30 pm Considerations on T vs NK Cell Engagers & Case Studies


  • Exploring a next generation of NK cell engagers acting via two activating receptors
  • Discussing differences between next generations of NK and T cell engages

5:00 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Conference