Dedicated solely to the development of bispecific antibodies, the virtual World Bispecific Summit signifies an exclusive opportunity to network with your peers whilst examining the best methods to overcome the major challenges preventing advancements in the space.

This meeting will dive specifically into technical and scientific subject matters enabling you to develop your candidate therapeutic into the clinic as effectively and economically as possible.

This September, join fellow Bispecifics enthusiasts to:

  • Optimize Therapeutic Opportunity in Solid Tumour Indications 

Discover directly from firms that are revolutionizing processes to improve the selectivity of bispecifics in solid tumor indications

  • Develop the Translatability & Predictability of Preclinical Methodologies

Assess the actual relevancy of a variety of preclinical approaches to establish a robust pathway to the clinic

  • Discover First-Hand from a Variety of Clinical Case Studies

Identify the various elements vital for success in the clinic and identify specifics of clinical failures to optimize future advancement

  • Review Bispecifics in Oncology & Beyond

Further understand the true capability of multispecific therapeutics in tackling the unique issues presented by infectious diseases, autoimmune and CNS indications

  • Elevate CMC & Analytical Approaches

Recognize the distinctive analytical challenges bispecifics create and identify how to bridge the gap concerning discovery and the clinic

Leave the virtual World Bispecific Summit with the best strategies to significantly improve the success of your bispecific development landscape. Confirm your place today for the best possible rate.