Focused completely on the development of bispecifics, the World Bispecific Summit represents a unique opportunity to engage with your peers to discuss strategies to overcome the key challenges holding back progress in the field.

Rather than presenting vague overviews of platforms, this meeting will delve directly into the technical and scientific insights that will enable you to advance your candidate therapeutic into the clinic as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Join the Bispecifics community in 2020 and overcome the most pressing industry challenges, allowing you to:

  • Improve the Therapeutic Window in Solid Tumour Indications

Learn first-hand from the companies who are pioneering mechanisms to enhance the selectivity of bispecifics in solid tumour indications

  • Enhance the Translatability & Predictability of Preclinical Approaches

Evaluate the true applicability of a range of preclinical approaches, to forge a robust path to the clinic

  • Learn Directly from Clinical Case Studies

Understand the factors critical to success in the clinic and delve into the details of clinical failures to optimize future development

  • Pioneer Bispecifics in Oncology & Beyond

Gain insights into the true potential of multispecific therapeutics in addressing the unique challenges posed by infectious diseases, autoimmune and CNS indications

  • Optimize CMC & Analytical Strategies

Identify the unique analytical challenges bispecifics pose and understand how to bridge the gap between discovery and the clinic

Leave the World Bispecific Summit with clear insights that will dramatically improve the success of your bispecific development. Register your interest today.