Conference Day Two

Wednesday 4th October 2023

9:00 am Registration & Welcome Coffee

9:25 am Chairs Opening Remarks

  • NIMISH GERA Vice President, Biologics, Mythic Therapeutics

Bispecifics As the Next Go-To Oncology Therapeutic: Competing with CAR-T

9:30 am Bispecific Antibodies Redirect Synthetic Agonistic Receptor Modified T Cells Against Melanoma


  • Presenting a study which puts forward the simultaneous and sequential targeting of melanoma-associated chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan (MCSP) and tyrosinaserelated protein 1 (TYRP-1) as a strategy for the targeted therapy of melanoma
  • Using bispecific antibodies as bridges to make adoptive T cell therapy modular and controllable
  • Demonstrating the robust anti-tumor control of SAR-BiAb combination in immunocompetent syngeneic as well as patient-derived xenograft mouse models

10:00 am Panel Discussion: Overtaking CAR-T & ADCs in Relapsed/Refractory Multiple Myeloma Treatments: How Do Bispecific Therapies Fare in the Clinic?

  • Thomas Nittoli Senior Director, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc
  • Rakesh Dixit President, Chief Scientific Officer, Regio Biosciences | Bionavigen
  • NIMISH GERA Vice President, Biologics, Mythic Therapeutics


  • Setting the scene: bispecific antibodies as next class of treatments for multiple myeloma to emerge in the clinic
  • Comparing the safety and efficacy profiles of these two treatments for a heavily pre-treated patient population Debating combination of the two therapies: which should be used first and does the usage of one prevent the future utility of the other? 

10:45 am Morning Refreshment Break


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Case Studies of Successful Bispecific Target Discovery & Validation

12:00 pm GEM-DIMERs™: Merging Multiple Clinically Relevant Antibodies Into a Single Molecule for Enhanced Functionality


  • Enhanced targeting via high-avidity, cooperative binding
  • Combining all functionalities of multiple antibodies into a single molecule
  • Cooperative engagement of multiple targets on multiple target cells for optimal functionality

12:30 pm Building Next-Gen Biologics Leveraging Industry- Leading Fully Human Heavy Chain Only Antibody Platforms

  • Jiyong Zhang Head of Business Development, Nona Biosciences


  • HCAb Harbour Mice® is the first-in-history created fully human single domain antibody platform
  • HCAb Harbour Mice® is optimized, clinically validated, and global patent protected generating high affinity single domain antibodies with good biophysical characteristics.
  • Fully human HCAbs are ideal build blocks for next generation therapeutics including multispecific antibody, CART, ADC and mRNA therapies

12:45 pm Adopting a Biomarker-Driven Bispecific Antibody Development


  • Developing more effective and targeted treatments that are tailored to patients
  • Accelerating effective treatment development through harnessing biomarker information
  • Achieving highly tolerable bispecific therapies through biomarker analysis 


Supercharging the Efficacy of Bispecific Treatments Through Combinations

12:00 pm Leveraging Biological Intelligence™ across Multiple Species for Therapeutic Antibody Discovery


  • OmniAb antibody discovery and screening technologies enable the discovery of next generation therapeutic antibodies/binders by harnessing the Biological Intelligence™ of our proprietary transgenic animals. 
  • OmniAb accesses the biodiversity of six species to generate high-quality custom repertoires of human antibodies to empower therapeutic antibody discovery for a wide variety of targets and workflows.
  • With 3 approved products, 24 programs in the Clinic and 270+ programs in Discovery, OmniAb platforms have been leveraged over the years by our partners across modalities to create life-saving therapeutics.

12:30 pm Comfort Break

12:45 pm Targeted Therapies & Combinatorial Approaches for the Enhancement of Anti-Tumor T Cell Responses

  • Kara Olson Fellow Scientist, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc


  • Analyze pre-clinical in vitro and in vivo data on combination of Regeneron’s costimulatory CD22xCD28 bispecific in combination with PD-1 and xCD3 bispecific
  • Learn about Regeneron’s IL2Ra-IL2 immuno-cytokine platform format, with in vitro and in vivo data for a targeted IL2RA-IL2 molecule
  • Receive a brief clinical update on previously disclosed clinical data from TAAxCD3 and TAAxCD28 molecules

1:15 pm Lunch Break


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Realizing the Full Potential of Bispecific Antibodies: Combinations & Treatments Beyond Oncology

2:00 pm Strong Anti-Tumor Activities by Simultaneously Activating CD40 & Inhibiting PD-1 Signalling In Vitro & In Vivo

  • Qingcong Lin Chief Executive Officer, Biocytogen Boston Corp


  • A unique bispecific antibody modality and target selection
  • Simultaneously stimulate immune cell activating pathway and inhibit immune checkpoint to increase antitumor activities.
  • Depending on PD1 presentation and blockade for CD40 activation significantly reduces the potential toxicities of immune cell stimulating pathway activation

2:30 pm Beyond Oncology: PEGylated T-cell Engager for Autoimmune Diseases

  • Shu-Min Liu President & Chief Executive Officer, Shenzhen Enduring Biotech, Ltd.


  • PEGylated T cell engager can overcome challenges of cytokine release syndrome
  • PEGylation decreased affinity and improved target selectivity
  • JY108, a pegylated bispecific t cell engager of CD3/CD19, showed remarkable safety profile and effective in autoimmune animal model

3:00 pm Four is a Magic Number” TAVO412 – A Novel Tetraspecific cMet x EGFR x VEGF Antibody for Solid Tumors of Unmet Medical Needs


  • Localization of mechanisms of action as design of therapeutic agents for difficult to treat solid tumors
  • Avidity design to increase homing efficacy in solid tumor environment
  • Architecture to enhance signal transduction inhibition, engagement of innate immune responses, control of angiogenesis

3:45 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Day Two