What Previous Attendees Have Said

"The World Bispecific Summit is a critical, focused conference that brings together the leaders in a field that represents the frontiers of the next generation of therapeutic biologics!"

Past Attendee, Lathrop & Gage  

"All of the speakers were excellent. Their professional knowledge and experiences will be a great help in the development of our pipelines."

Research Director, SG Medical

"Great opportunity to meet and network with leading scientists and industry experts in the field of bispecific antibodies."

Past Attendee, Boehringer Ingelheim

"Engaging science and a variety of strong presentations and discussions highlighting innovative approaches that are being implemented and tested in the rapidly developing field of bispecifics."

Past Attendee, Eli Lilly

"World bispecific is an excellent opportunity to get a wide and up-to-date overview of the current bispecific landscape in both big pharma and smaller biotech companies, with exposure to a variety of bispecific platforms and format, while reviewing the common challenges that companies encounter, from target selection to production and clinical translation, regardless of the format chosen."

Past Attendee, AbCellera

"An interesting and very interactive conference that led to a number of thought-provoking discussions around next-gen bispecific antibodies."

Past Attendee, IGM Biosciences

"Excellent conference for a summary of progress in bi-, multi-specific field presented in a concise form, for both those who are new to the field and those that have been in it for decades."

VP Discovery Biotherapeutics, Extend Biopharma

"I thought it was excellent - the content was interesting with a nice balance of new companies/concepts and more mature programs - one of the best World Bispecific meetings I've attended."

Vice President - Immunology & Cell Biology, MacroGenics

"Excellent conference to learn about cutting edge bispecific platforms."

Global Vice President - Medical Evaluations & Strategy, Boston Pharmaceuticals

"This event confirms the high value that the organization is building for the scientific community by bringing together the most valuable players in the space."

Senior Manager - Technical Business Development, BSP Pharmaceuticals

"Great opportunity to see where the field currently stands and to sense trends for the future."

Chief Scientific Officer & Founder, Synaffix

"Great speakers, great networking and stimulating discussions!"

Past Attendee, Sanofi