World Bispecific is the Only End-to-End Meeting Committed Solely to Advancing the Development of Bispecific Therapeutics

Transforming to a digital platform for the eleventh year, the World Bispecific Summit will continue to deliver a greater scope and penetration of innovative technical content than any other meeting. This year’s re-imagined agenda will cover unique discovery, translational and manufacturing challenges faced in the bispecific field. Whatever your role and interest in the field, you will leave the meeting with concrete methods to employ into your strategy and pipeline to convert the promise of bispecific therapeutics into a reality for patients.

Discover who the 40+ expert speakers are, and the topics they will examine, including how:

  • MacroGenics are evaluating selection and format optimization of bispecific molecules for a simultaneous blockade of PD-1 and LAG-3 (MGD013) versus PD-1 and CTLA4 (MGD019)
  • Sound Biologics are pioneering their unique platform, MabPair Technology for making bi-functional antibody
  • Invenra demonstrates preclinical efficacy through the selective elimination of tumor Tregs
  • Incyte and Adimab are enhancing the selectivity of bispecific approaches to reduce on-target off-tumor toxicities in solid tumor indications
  • Genentech are showcasing how several factors such as epitope, binding affinity, format, target expression, etc., influence the design and development of T-cell bispecific for cancer immunotherapy

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"An excellent opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the bispecific antibody field."
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"Informative and energizing opportunity to hear about the latest advances in bispecific antibodies from the leaders in the field"

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KBI Biopharma

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