Join Your Bispecific Community in October

Join us for the 14th Annual World Bispecific Summit, the prime gathering for trailblazers in pharma, biotech, and academia specializing in bispecific development. Here, you'll be lead through a journey of exploring novel bispecific formats, immune cell modulators, target selection, preclinical and clinical evaluation and regulatory hurdles of this exciting and powerful therapeutic. Gain valuable insights into how the leaders at the forefront of this industry are enhancing and finetuning their bispecific antibody programmes to uncover the vast possibilities of bi/multi-specific therapies.

What's New for 2023

Pre-Seminar Insights: Level up your bispecific design
This year, we introduce an immersive exploration of innovative bispecific formats and immune cell modulators. Get an insight on the engineering and clinical performance of bi and multispecific antibodies or explore the plethora of cell engagers to target, from T cells to NK cells.
Dual-Track Learning: Focussing on Target Selection and Pre-clinical/Clinical progress
Evaluate innovative data and biomarker driven approaches to target discovery and selection that will supercharge the specificity of your treatments and expand the range of indications it is used to treat. Alternatively, you can join our pre-clinical/clinical track to keep on top of the latest progress of bispecific antibodies and understand their mechanisms of action, PK/PDs, toxicity profiles and tackle unexpected translational and clinical stage challenges.
Dialogue with 30+ Thought Leaders: Learn from Regeneron, Alligator Biosciences, Cue Bio, BioNTech, Amgen, Roche, Sanofi and many more
Get a unique perspective on the whole bispecific spectrum from discovery through to approval, from the best minds in pharma, biotech, and academia. Hear first-hand insight on antibody engineering, translation, clinical trial design and commercialization to uncover new and more efficient ways to unlock the full potential of these bispecific arena.


Don’t miss this chance to connect with the pioneering Bispecific community as we collectively discuss the way forward in harnessing the transformative power of these treatments.