Welcome back to the 13th World Bispecific Summit 2022!

This established forum is the key industry-led networking forum to gain clear insights into the latest discovery, translational and manufacturing advancements, and how to address associated development challenges encountered within this therapeutic modality.

If your research teams are looking to tackle major challenges in bispecific drug functionality, including tumor-specific antigen targeting, binding affinity or multi-specific antibody formats, this elite conference presents an insight that can influence the design and development of your product. Whether it is a CD3-engaging T-cell re-directing BsAbs targeting checkpoint inhibitors or a tumor-associated antigen, this is the key industry meeting you should be attending.

Alongside clinical development questions, this definitive forum will provide direction on the developability of BsAbs platforms, with dedicated sessions on product design and expression, and scale-up of the manufacturing process.

Join the 13th World Bispecific Summit in person for the first time in over 2 years to connect with chemistry, discovery, and clinical drug hunters with expertise in protein engineering, clinical pharmacodynamic, prognostic biomarkers, process development and manufacturability.

Join the community to: 

Move the needle on Translatability & Mechanistic Diversity - Assess the actual relevancy of a variety of preclinical approaches to establish a robust pathway to the clinic

Uncover Novel Formats of Multispecifics & Immune Cell Modulators - Predestined to serve as robust and highly precise building blocks for target binding in therapeutic bi- and multispecific formats

Leverage CMC & Analytical Approaches - Recognize the distinctive analytical challenges bispecifics create and identify how to bridge the gap concerning discovery and the clinic 

Tailor Clinical Case-Studies to Drive Clinical Development to the Next Level - Identify the various elements vital for success in the clinic and identify specifics of clinical failures to optimize future advancement

Improve Next Generation Multispecifics – Catapult the next frontier of antibodies for higher success attempts and differentiated approaches for T cell redirection in solid tumors