Leveraging AzymetricTM to Optimally Format T-Cell Engagers & Bispecific ADCs

Time: 2:15 pm
day: Day One


  • Azymetric provides a robust Fc heterodimer solution enabling high throughput functional screening of multispecific antibody panels to select those optimally formatted for a therapeutic application
  • The most advanced Azymetric molecule, zanidatamab, a bi-paratopic anti-HER2 antibody undergoing pivotal clinical studies, exemplifies the opportunity afforded to enhance antitumor responses beyond that achieved through combination of antibody components
  • Data illustrating the utility of Azymetric for two additional applications will be shared: (A) Development of multi-functional T-cell engagers including incorporation of conditional co-stimulation and (B) Format screening of bispecific antibodies to support delivery of small molecule payloads simultaneously to two independently expressed cancer targets